All In

by Ryan

Down to the last few chips, Darcy calls in a ringer just down the 90. If you’re a fan of intro music, get out some Rage Against the Machine and put on “Renegades of Funk

No matter what way you look at this it is a white flag, it just depends on your perspective. Either this is a white flag in the form of surrender or the NASCAR equivalent of the final lap. If you believe the NASCAR analogy we are pulling out all the stops, if you see it in military terms we are putting our weapons down. Your choice.

A quick side note on intro music:

For the majority of the season the team came out to practice playing U2’s “City of Blinding Lights.” It’s kind of an interesting pick but one that seemed to work. However, last Wednesday I noticed they used a new song, “3s and 7s” by Queens of the Stone Age. I thought it was a great pick and hope they keep doing it. QOTSA is much more of a “pump up” band, and that’s important during warmups.

Another thing I noticed is that they started to play “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who just before faceoff. That was a nice touch, especially against teams like Ottawa and New York. However, it tends to lose it’s touch when we continue to get fooled over and over again…