A Good Day to Die

by Ryan

Good Friday is supposed to be a somber day of remembrance for most Christians. Instead, it’s one of the best, most exciting sports days of the year.

Right now I’m eating tuna and watching Western Kentucky try to hang on against Davidson in overtime. Later I’ll flip between a Georgetown blowout and a few other closer games, then get ready for Sabres/Leafs downtown. Toss in that scoreboard watching with Philly and Washington playing tonight and, well, it sounds like a good day to die to me.

Awful Jesus joke aside, tonight is a very, very big night for the Sabres. With the Godless Killing Machines Bruins losing in regulation to the Habs last night, suddenly we have two teams we can realistically catch. Yes, it is stupid to suddenly say something is possible after just one game, but when you are within two points of two playoff spots you are allowed to get excited about it.

The Leafs have everyone hurt and need to win out to have any chance at the playoffs. In short, it’s a big game for both teams, and what Sabres/Leafs game doesn’t have an excited crowd?

I really don’t have anything to say about tonight because we simply have to win. We can, we should, and we have to…

Holy crap! Western Kentucky just knocked off Drake with an NBA three pointer at the buzzer in overtime. I… I have to go.

Enjoy today, everybody. This is what being a sports fan is all about.


  1. Anonymous

    It certainly felt like they died today.