When Designer Knockoffs Just Won’t Do

by Ryan

There was a time during the season when the Sabres just didn’t seem very likable. It wasn’t that they were playing awfully at the time or even that I had heard bad things about a particular player. The sentiment came from how I perceived the players on this team, as well as their general attitude based on interviews and how the season was playing out. What was once a very likable team had become a very different group in my eyes over the course of just a few months.

I had even considered posting about it. Still, such arguments are completely arbitrary and personal, and even with the nature of this blog such a post seemed silly at best. I mean, how would I even approach that? (Paul Gaustad: seems nice, looks huggable. Derek Roy: should take responsibility for stupid penalties, shave more. Andrew Peters: Stop smiling, start throwing punches. Etc…)

Still, everyone has an opinion about the players on their teams. Even the Sabres have a player or two with a shady past. It’s the nature of this day and age, really. Everything is so available for consumption that you are bound to get something viewed by the public that puts you in a bad light.

It’s enough of a downer to make you really think about the state of society, as well as where we are headed in this era of 24/7 sports coverage. Is this the best use of our natural gifts? Should these people be headhunted to get a story? What kind of culture do we live in that criticizes these people so harshly for such a brief period, then conveniently forgets the faults exposed just days later when their performance is praised?

But rather then get all philosophical and weigh the value of societal morals, let’s just be thankful we don’t root for a bunch of purse stealers.

Psh, It was a Gucci bag. I only rock the Prada, Girlfriend.

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  1. Maal

    Ahaha, rock that Prada!

    Is anyone surprised that it was Habs? I think not.