Tuesday night in a nutshell

By Chris

It feels like the Sabres have played Boston 20 times already this season. And I swear to the hockey gods that MacArthur’s overtime winner against them was actually last season (I’m pretty sure Danny Briere assisted on that goal). When you look at the schedule and you see “Boston” AGAIN…well it kind of takes the fun out of gamenight.

Do we really have to watch these teams play again? We pretty much already know how it’s all going to go down:

  • Tim Thomas will look pudgy.
  • Jochen Hecht will look good with a letter on his chest.
  • Jason Pominville will hit a post.
  • The goal light will flash red when someone scores.
  • Zdeno Chara will learn how to read (maybe).
  • Thomas Vanek will swear after missing a golden opportunity.
  • Mike Robitaille will give us the weather forecast again.
  • Marc Savard will kill us with a late goal.
  • The rink announcer will let everyone know when there’s one minute left in each period.
  • Pat Kaleta will hit someone.
  • Brian Campbell will do a spin-o-rama.
  • The Roost’s very own Ryan will continue to tell us how cool Glen Metropolit’s name is (pretty cool).
  • Toni Lydman will turn the puck over.
  • A Buffalo Sabre will get hurt.
  • Harry Neale will refer to every player as either “the Buffalo player” or “the Boston player” at least once.
  • One team will walk away with two points.

Did I miss anything? I’m more than willing to add to that list.

Send that game story into The Buffalo News. And they say bloggers aren’t journalists…

Who knows, maybe something exciting will happen tonight. Then again, can we just move on to Wednesday night’s game? Oh we’re playing New Jersey? Really?

Can I shovel up my lawn and watch the grass grow instead?

Maybe tonight won’t be so bad after all.


  1. Heather B.

    I pray to God Mike Robitaille will give us the weather forecast again because that was AWESOME.

    I hate Metropolit. Would it kill him to just slap on those last two letters and make it Metropolitan/

  2. coolman856

    And this is only game 4, we have to play them 3 more times after tonight too.

  3. Sara and Anne

    Not only do we play them all the damn time, for the 2nd time this season we’re playing them twice in four days.


  4. Ryan

    I’ve always liked that name for some reason. Maybe it’s because it is unfinished like Heather says.

    Aside from that, I really like the guy’s game, too. Works hard, decent set of hands, and a half mill/year contract.

    He’s a UFA this summer, I’d love to see him sign with us.