TSN Knows Best

by Ryan

So TSN.ca is probably the best mainstream source for hockey on the web. They are a mirror image of their four-letter stateside counterpart when it comes to “Sportscenterre” and some programs, but man do they love hockey. So while ESPN is collectively orgasming over the Super Bowl, the main story on their homepage is an unlikely Leafs win over Ottawa.

That’s not what got me thinking, though.

This did.

Yeah, there was that emergency press conference where Darcy proclaimed Brian Campbell isn’t going anywhere; and yes, suddenly this team is on the upswing. However, I think it’s pretty telling that the picture just above the trade deadline link is of two upcoming UFAs (Soup and Hossa) with a lot of trade talk surrounding both.

I’m not saying I believe Soupy will be on the move within the next few weeks, but it’s an interesting statement about what people outside the area think about his trade status.

There are times as a fan where you just forget that there are other teams in the league. We look up news and notes about the Sabres or Penguins or whatever team holds our allegiance and fail to realize that all the little things we think about simply are ignored by someone on the other side.

I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin if I was going to scout the thoughts of a Thrashers fan, so how could I know whether or not Marian Hossa is going to be traded, resigned, or simply an over hyped free agent they are willing to part with.

So while I am a bit surprised by TSN’s choice of picture, I can’t help but wonder if they have it right after all. That little five-alarm press junket a few weeks back wasn’t big time news to anyone outside of the area code, so who knows what the other 29 GMs are thinking about our red haired blue liner.

I guess time will tell who, but maybe the picture will have it right come February 26th.

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  1. Chris

    You’d think Sundin (plays in the biggest Canadian market) or Jokinen (rumored to go to like seven Canadian teams) would be up there for sure.