The Letdown Game

by Ryan

It’s pretty easy to get excited after a game like this:

Still, playing your best hockey of the year against the top team in the East spells one thing, especially when you play the next night.

Letdown game.

It happens all the time, and tonight could be the perfect example. Toronto is a garbage team slowly slipping into the basement of the East, and after a big road win the Sabres return home for an easy game against as weak team.

Not so fast there, skippy. Toronto has won two straight and is desperate for points to look competitive. The better they look over the next two weeks the less likely they trade their captain away. I’d say that’s something worth playing for. Not to mention the couple thousand Leafs fans who will be ferrying themselves across the border to sing the praises of their 41 year old Stanley Cup win.

I’ve always said Leafs games are overpriced and not attractive, but on Sunday I reconsidered. Guess what StubHub sent me yesterday?

Yup, after all that talk about a letdown game and how annoying those Teacher’s Pension Plan loonies will be, I’m going anyways. Call it an experiment in fandom, or maybe I just couldn’t turn down $37 a seat.

Pray for a Sabres win and that the Scientologists don’t get me on the way out.