Soup, Balls, and Dumont

by Ryan

Before we talk about Nashville I should probably address yesterday’s trade. I actually was pretty sad to see Campbell go, although I’m glad it was San Jose. Different conference, good player in return, and a good chance for Soupy to play well out there and earn his money.

Should we have gotten more for him? Yeah, maybe, but once again we weren’t in a position of power. Every team out there knew we had to move Soup, and so I doubt anyone was willing to throw the bathroom fixtures at us for him. It seems like we are never in the seat of power with these things, so I’ve gotten used to not being blown away by deals. As I’ve said before, time will tell us the true value of yesterday’s trade. The good news is that Campbell’s red hair matches very nicely with the orange accent on the Sharks jerseys. UniWatch will be proud.

One thing that is important to consider is the picture below.

I know it has been used before, but this is the reality of yesterday’s trade. Suddenly all three of the players in this picture are our property, and more than likely in the starting lineup next fall. By not picking up a D yesterday we are making the statement that we trust our young talent, Paetsch and Sekera, and that they will have a significant role on the team come next year.

Keep in mind that with Soupy leaving we still have three D set to become UFAs this summer. (Pratt, Teppo, Kalinin) Who fills those roles if Teppo retires and we throw Kalinin under the bus? I don’t know about you, but just thinking of Balls Sekera in the top six come October is enough to make me dry heave.

Anyways, tonight the Nashville Predators come to town. It’s been… a while since we’ve seen these guys. Actually, it’s been over a month since we’ve seen anyone from the West at all. Gotta love the scheduling gods.

Anyone else miss this guy?

Okay, maybe not that face, but the player in general…

Tonight is yet again another chance at “two huge points.” I’m going to keep calling them that because each time I don’t we lose in such a catastrophic manner I’m too devastated to take a picture of The Stress Buffalo.

I will have my eyes on the blue line for sure tonight, as it will be interesting to see how we carry the puck out of our own end. Personal feelings about Soupy aside, he was a major, major part of our offensive game plan and we will struggle without him. Again, time will tell.

We’ll see you up in the Roost tonight.


  1. dave in Rocha

    “Anyone else miss this guy? “

    Yes, dearly. I still hate Briere for asking for such a huge amount in arbitration, forcing us to pass on Dumont.

  2. Heather B.

    I don’t remember having super strong feelings either way about JP when he was here but now that he’s not, I miss him dearly, second only to Jay McKee. (Sentimentally, speaking.O

  3. Anonymous

    I have been painfully upset since he went to the preds.

    I love him to pieces…but I don’t miss his lack of a backcheck…and I do miss his scoring, his unique skating, his community involvement, and you know, his face…

    again, although I love him…he seems to be doing quite well in Nashville, and they like him. What more can you ask for, for a favorite player?

  4. Maal

    OMG THAT GAME! I actually live blogged it because I’m so disgusted with my own team. And your team is so full of AWESOME!