Something in the Air

by Ryan

Tonight the Sabres take on the Montreal Canadiens in downtown Buffalo. Hopefully it won’t be one of those nights down there.

The Habs are an interesting opponent for Buffalo. They’ve been near the top of the division all year and we haven’t played them since November. Things have changed since then.

For Montreal it is the trading of their starting goaltender, Cristobal Huet, to Washington. The popular theory is that they moved Huet to make room for a trade with Atlanta, receiving Marian Hossa and a goaltender in return, most likely the favored son of Fire Wagon Hockey. Now we all know how that that turned out.

What Montreal is left with is a 20 year old starter in Carey Price and a 22 year old backup in Jaroslav Halak, who was starting in Hamilton when I visited in November. He was shaky in the comeback, but both are supposed to be the real deal. While many question Montreal’s chances with goalies this young, I have liked what Price has done so far and am really interested in how he handles the stretch run.

What has changed for Buffalo? Well, they are winning some games here and there and suddenly there is a new face in town.

Big Bear loves the classics.

Tonight is a huge test for a retooled team that is starting to get healthy. We’ll see if Max and Stafford play, as well as how Montreal’s Price handles a few shots. According to Montreal’s website they have been scoring goals lately…

Now there’s a webmaster with some talent.

Habs @ Slugs
7:30 from the Arena

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