Roby Forecasts the Trap

by Ryan

Now what I’m gonna show you here is the Devils, they do this thing called the trap.

See here? The defenseman is carrying the puck up the ice, Spacek here, and if you look up at the blueline there are four Devils back. (There’s one behind me but I’m not moving you can’t make me…)

Okay let it go, guys…


You see? Spacek can’t make the pass and the forewards are caught up at the blueline. This is gonna cause a turnover and maybe even an odd man rush.

So what should they do? Well, let me get out of the way for you and I’ll let Jaro show you:

RIGHT THERE! Dump the puck, Pumpkinhead! Attaboy!

You see? You put the puck behind that defensive wall and make the forwards chase it out. It means you’re going to see a lot of banging on the boards, but it’s better then an odd man rush the other way.

Kevin: So, what happens if the defensemen gets there first?

WELL HOW SHOULD I KNOW? Jeez, they’ve won three Stanley Cups this way; I’m just talking about winning tonight! You know what? Fine, temperatures will be in the low 50s in the building tonight, with a 10% chance of shutout.

You keep your mouth shut, Ray.


  1. Anonymous

    i read this blog alot and i always see screen shots of this nhl game. can you some how give me a link to that hockey game????

    my email is

    thanks alot.

  2. coolman856

    That was genius.

  3. Heather B.

    Bravo! The Roby Weatherman bit is one of my favorite things ever. This was awesome.

    (Hank Tallinder FTW!)

  4. Katebits

    This is hilarious.