Reality Check

NEW YORK (AP) — Sean Avery scored the first of his two goals 10 seconds in, and Brandon Dubinsky had a goal and two assists for the New York Rangers, who chased goalie Ryan Miller in the first period and routed the Buffalo Sabres 5-1 on Saturday.

That is the official AP recap of today’s game.

Usually I would mention how embarrassing it is that no one cares about hockey and there is no effort on the part of a major news group to actually, um try to cover it. However, I think that pretty much sums up the game. Nice work, guys.

Also, Brian Campbell was a -4 today. I know everyone is going to yell and scream that he sucks and should be traded, but I just don’t agree. Miller let in four goals on 11 shots and no one is screaming for him to be moved. Campbell should be traded because he won’t be re-signed and it is in the best interest of the team to get something in return.

He’s not worth “Phaneuf Money”, and that’s what he wants. Move him with one of our expiring 08-09 deals (Max, Timmy, Ales) and get some young D talent in return. You cannot base your opinions on one game, especially when your team is caught flat footed. The important thing is how the team responds tomorrow, and where they end up in the standings.

My goal is 6th place and a match up with the winner of the Southeast division. I’ll take it however we can get it. If that means bailing on Campbell in the next nine days, so be it.

Your move, Darcy.

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  1. Kevin

    Ryan – Comparing Miller’s situation to Soupy is apples to oranges, my man.

    No, Soupy doesn’t suck, but he is an overrated defenseman not worth (as you said) the money he’s asking. I don;t hear people saying he sucks – just that he isn’t worth the money.