Quotable for Sure

by Ryan

Amy mentioned Ryan Miller’s postgame comments so I though I’d throw those up here. I had intended on posting them, but if you check the timestamps on the last few posts you know it was a late night for me. Here are some things I found interesting:

“I don’t know what happened. But if we don’t have the legs for it we gotta have the brains for it.”

“We had one shot on goal. It’s…this is everybody. Everybody has to be better.”

Did Kessel actually shoot the puc-
“No, he lost it. I never want to see the grin on his face like he had when he turned up ever again. Unbeliev-No, he absolutely was going glove side. There’s no chance he tried to shoot that or tried to do it. You know, just… give me the opportunity to stop him and I think that, you know, we gotta be better in shootouts.”

“…He got lucky tonight.”

One of the things I really like about Miller is that he is always first to take responsibility for his performance. A friend noticed this first, but Miller is pretty honest when it comes to the effort he sees in front of him. He wasn’t happy at all with the way the third period went, but he didn’t make any excuses.

The fact of the matter is that there simply aren’t any excuses. Last night was awful, and to an extent embarrassing. 17-1 shots on goal in the third and we are supposed to be excited about that performance? Really? I mean, if Miller doesn’t play out of his skull and we don’t get that point we’re all on the ledge today.

Every team has a bad game or two, but it really feels like we’ve seen enough bad games and crappy performances. The Sabres didn’t live up to Goose’s “every game like a playoff game” quote, plain and simple.

Whether or not it happens tomorrow, I have no idea. Today I’d try to forget about that last 25 minutes of hockey and just enjoy Hockey Day in Canada. I’m sure over those three games you can find a full 60 minutes of hockey.