Playoffs Come Early

God bless Hockey Night in Canada. Seriously. If you missed the Vancouver-Edmonton game last night, then you slept through a doozy.

Looks like slept through it too, or at least jumped the gun. Sure the Sens are floundering (look out for Montreal), but that Ottawa-Jersey game didn’t come close to the intensity that HNIC’s late game had. It was a hard-fought, gritty game. A game you’d expect to see in the playoffs. But that atmosphere was present because what was at stake.

With their 4-2 win, the Canucks put themselves back into the playoffs, while Edmonton is quickly teetering on the verge of rebuilding mode–again. Edmonton was fighting to save their season while Vancouver was trying to keep their second season hopes alive.

And there were some fights, too. The two teams played a no holds barred style we don’t see enough of. And can’t get enough of. As the games begin to mean more to every team, and the logjam in the standings in both conferences, we should see a few more games like this one down the stretch, and hear no complaints about it.


  1. Ryan

    The pictures don’t show it, but Glencross killed in that fight. What a game.

  2. Anonymous

    Say what you will about the Canadian teams in the Northwest.. we put on a heck of a show when we all play each other. We take our hockey seriously, and when the race is tight like it is.. (two points down can put you last in the divsion, and 2 points the other way can put you in first place!) the games get pretty spirited, and you can always expect a heck of a show. 🙂

    Love from the Northwest;


  3. Kevin

    Wow! That picture looks like a screen-cap of Rock-’em. Sock-’em Robots.