Pardon my French…

by Ryan

But f–k you, Ralph.

“We’re going to play these games up here and what am I going to say to the fans in Buffalo,” Wilson queried. “Hey, I can’t speculate. I can’t speculate what’s going to happen in the future. But don’t worry right now.”

You sniveling old bastard. You beg on street corners telling us we’re going to lose this team, and when the first domino falls you want us to chillax? Go to hell you old coot. You’re held this city ransom for a decade telling us to fund your stadium renovations and buy your tickets or else. Now you’re leaving town annually and want us to think nothing of it.

“They know it’s to save the franchise for their city,” said Wilson in a question and answer news conference Wednesday at the Rogers Centre. “Buffalo, and it’s no secret, is diminishing in size. It’s dwindling in population and jobs. People don’t have jobs and they move out of Western New York. So I would say to keep the team there a number of years ago we decided we had to regionalize because the team could not be maintained in Buffalo. I did not want to have the team leave Buffalo. We had hundreds of thousands of very passionate fans. I thought it would be a death knell to the city of Buffalo. So we had to increase our exposure.”

Whatever. At this point it’s not about saving this team. With no succession plan in place and our senile owner expiring before our eyes, we live each season in constant fear of the day that charging buffalo is no longer ours.

For the next half decade the city or Toronto gets it once a year. I’m sorry if this makes me speculative, Mr. Wilson, but I fear one day they may have it for good.


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  1. dave in Rocha

    Geez, I should have copyrighted that phrase.

    I can’t say I disagree with you anywhere. I’ve always thought that the moving of one game is a bad sign. Couple that with his verbiage today and it seems worse. Is it wrong to hope for someone to die soon?

    Also, I love what categories you filed this under.