Name That Role Player

seriously, we need a nickname for this kid that cross ice pass was insane

That was the title of the post in draft after last night’s game. I figured by today I would have a few ideas in my head as to what Daniel Paille’s nickname should be.

I got nothing.

All I know is that this kid is slowly becoming a force on the team, and that pass to Pominville was something that would never have happened a year ago. His growth in the offensive zone has been phenomenal, and he still maintains a solid forecheck with Hecht and Pommers.

I picked the wrong player to make “the leap” this year. While Stafford has faltered at times Paille has gotten better and better in almost every aspect of his game. Leading the team in +/- isn’t an accident, not to mention a gaudy 21.7%(!?!) shot percentage.

“Piesie” ain’t gonna cut it, so what’s it going to be?


  1. coolman856

    Key Lime has been tossed around in a couple of places

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, Dave in rocha came up with it. It’s an option…

  3. Jonathan Grant Keller

    How about calling the Welland Ontario native ‘Trench’.

  4. Jonathan Grant Keller

    It’s a tough one cuz ‘paille’ means weird things: straw, flash in the pan and stooge when combined with other words in french.

    I did see a ‘Steel Wool’ translation when using the work paille.

  5. Anne

    Speaking some french I can tell you “paille” by itself is a feminine noun that means “straw”. “Un homme de paille” means puppet but not like a kid’s puppet like a…how do I describe it, like a person that’s put out to draw the attention away from somebody who’s really doing something wrong.

    Upon further investgation, paille is also a word used to describe rum in french. Rhum paille is straw colored rum.

    Uhh none of those things make great nicknames so maybe the french way isn’t the way to go.

  6. Ryan

    We could call him “Farmer Dan Paille” and I just photoshop a straw hat on him at all times…

  7. Chris

    working with the straw idea…”the scarecrow.”

    anyone, anyone? bueller, bueller?

  8. TJ

    On we call him Fred, because when he was just a prospect someone was wondering how to pronounce his name, and a mod just said “Fred.” But yeah, he’s my new favorite player. Great in his own zone, awesome PKer, and offensive upside.I think he’ll be a Selke winner someday. Being the captain of his Canadian world juniors team wasn’t a fluke.