Mythology, Standings, and Bears, oh my!

Not shown: Giant globe resting on Vanek’s shoulders. He’s Atlas from now on, folks.

We’ll get to some thoughts on the death of the Leafs later, but let’s go around the bottom of the Eastern first, eh?

If Vanek is Atlas, then the Flyers are definitely Icarus. Actualy that’s giving them too much credit; they’re more like those Red Bull Flugtag contraptions. Let’s just say after last night they’ve officially left the platform and there’s nowhere to go but down.

Freaking Panthers. They blow a two goal lead twice and let Boston win in the shootout, tying us at 68 points with the Bruins holding a game in hand.(Literally, Chara is holding the whole game in his fist right now…) The Bruins just won’t go away, and should be on all of your threat lists at this point.

Isles win, blah blah.

So here’s what you need to know:

1) Standings. I’d bookmark some form of these if I were you.

2) No one in the East plays tonight, so take a break from scoreboard watching if you need it. It’s going to wear on you down the stretch.

We’ll talk some Sabres later.


  1. Maal

    Ahahaha Colbert!!! Well played! Also, gold star for your Icarus reference. Way to blog smart!!

  2. Ryan

    Thanks Maal, I’m glad someone got it. I figured somewhere down the line that Classics minor would pay off…