Meet Steve Bernier

by Rich

Well, the NHL trade deadline has come and gone. Brian Campbell is on his way to San Jose, and in exchange the Sabres acquired a certified pre-owned Steve Bernier. So who is this guy, anyhow?

Steve Bernier was the 16th overall pick in the 2003 draft (by the Sharks). A 22-year old native of Quebec, the 6 foot-2, 225-pound winger has 13 goals and 23 total points this season in about 13:00 of ice time per game. He also led the Sharks in hits last year, and in his spare time he enjoys poutine, body-checking, and holding linesmen ever so gently.

Steve Bernier battles Andrej “Balls” Sekera on the boards

Essentially, this is a kid who can score and hit, and isn’t afraid to drop the gloves. Looks like his fighting technique could use some work, though. We’ll see where Lindy puts him tonight against the Preds (against whom he has a goal and two assists in three games so far this year). Oh, and he likes blood donors, too:

…That’s gotta be good, right?


  1. Anonymous

    Well… He’s better looking than Campbell, and he’s not a ginger, so that an improvement right?

  2. Heather B.

    Also, he’s kind of cute, he has an adorable accent, I love the way he says “Pominville,” and I like the nickname “Big Bear.” Works for me! I also enjoyed the way he introduced himself on the radio by giving us his age and physical stats.