Good Morning, Here’s What You Missed

by Ryan

Let’s get to some news and notes before we talk about Tampa.

First of all, the Ottawa Sun is a joke. The Goose’s Roost has reported Brian Campbell may have slept in footsie pajamas last night and is on the verge of hankering down some corn flakes this morning. Which one’s more credible?

Let’s go around the Conference, shall we?

The New York Rangers Chernobyl-ed a five goal lead away to lose 6-5 in the shootout against Montreal. Chris Drury was clutch in getting stoned as the second shooter, but he did pick up his 20th goal of the season in regulation, helping my fantasy comeback in the process. Priorities, people, priorities.

The Flyers have been showing us their hindquarters all season, but those cheeks have been getting closer and closer amid a seven game losing streak. Last night they traded for D Jaroslav Modry, giving them some crappy depth in lieu of their other crappy defenseman getting hurt. They then went out and finally gained a point, losing to the Sens 3-2 in the shootout. Danny Briere kinda sorta tried to throw Marty Biron under the bus:

Marty (Biron) was key and we need him to step up. It’s been a tough time for our goalies, not that they’re playing bad, but the wins are hard to come by.”

Interesting side note: The good people from Dell came yesterday to fix my laptop free of charge. Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting in places across WNY; it’s almost amazing I got anything done. One place I haven’t posted from? Briere’s +/-. Nothing positive could come out of that.

Boston won again last night. Is that really a surprise to anyone? They beat the Canes in a shootout, moving them into 7th place with 66 points. Kessel had the SO winner and Tim Thomas was solid in net. They aren’t going anywhere, boys and girls, so get ready to scoreboard watch with us over the next two months.

The Pens beat the Panthers last night, finally putting them into “who gives a crap” territory. Good luck shipping Olli Jokinen out somewhere. Try to get more back for him then Luongo, eh?

Also, the Leafs beat the Jackets last night, but you don’t care about that because they both suck. Also, the latest poll says over half their readers think Mats Sundin will be a Leaf after next Tuesday. We’ll see what Barry Melrose thinks about that later today.



Here’s a look at the big board we’ll be tracking the playoffs with. Last year that slug magnet got pretty dusty from staying in the top spot all season. Let’s just say that hasn’t been the case so far.

More on tonight’s game later.

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  1. twoeightnine

    One place I haven’t posted from? Briere’s +/-. Nothing positive could come out of that.

    Line of the year.

    How many Leafs fans would commit suicide if Mats joined the Sabres?