1. Sara and Anne

    Wooooooooooooo for Hecht and Mair!!!!

    Soupy’s only getting the ‘A’ so he’s more tempting to teams looking to trade. “Look! He has leadership qualities and experience too!”


  2. Heather B.

    I know you probably don’t care but that picture of Jochen is adorable.

    I’m disappointed that Goose and Roy-Z got stiffed but I can’t argue with Jochen and Mair. (I’m ignoring Campbell.)

  3. Gambler

    Heather, the Roost guys might not agree with you about that picture, but you know I do. He’s such a cutie! And that’s a pretty snazzy jersey he’s got on, too… Envy.

    Like everyone else, I’m thoroughly satisfied with the selections of Yo-Yo and Mair. And, in the words of our new captain himself, “Who was the other one?”

    Goose was robbed.

  4. Jon

    Even us tough guys in the Roost can admit that Jochen looks adorably puppy-like in this picture.

    Now excuse me while I do something manly…..

  5. Ryan

    I like the picture because he has an Alder Manhiem jersey on, which somehow has a strange bird on it.

    And those gloves, which are the strangest Nike gloves I’ve ever seen. Also, I love European hockey helmets because they make the players look like racecars…

    (So no, I don’t think he’s cute, but I guess I just analyze his fasion sense…)