Dear Toronto,


Eight goals on 26 shots. At home. Against the Panthers.


When my team is in 10th and fighting for a playoff spot it gets trying sometimes. Then I take a look at your box scores and cheer right up. Glad to see you guys outright quit in front of the home crowd.

Isn’t it sad that the other 29 teams are glad they aren’t the biggest hockey market in the league right now? Pathetic.

Hey, I just checked TSN, they updated their Tradecentre:

I wonder why?


  1. Chris

    “Chris said…

    You’d think Sundin (plays in the biggest Canadian market) or Jokinen (rumored to go to like seven Canadian teams) would be up there for sure.

    February 3, 2008 9:28 AM”

    just sayin’…

  2. Anonymous

    true as that may be…it would seem as though you made the statement simply because tsn is a Canadian site, whereas the post is more about the Leafs (…and their captain) trying to tempt Toronto to commit mass murder.

    I’m just saying.