Bracket Buster for teams with very little bracket aspirations

By Jon

The ESPN higher-ups obviously had The Goose’s Roost on their mind when they announced this year’s Bracket Buster selections. The Canisius Golden Griffs will take on the Albany Great Danes on Saturday, February 23rd at the Koessler Center on the Canisius campus.

Canisius has four wins this season, and both teams have no chance at an at-larger bid in the NCAA Tournament, so the game is basically meaningless. Big whoop, right? Wrong. I am here to inform you, loyal readers of the Roost, that you will have to pick sides between a battle of your beloved bloggers. You see, Ryan is a Canisius guy, and I am proud to be a Great Dane.

Before you pick sides, please let me remind you that Ryan is a private school elitist. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this kid put down the SUNY system for their supposed low standards and lax admission policies. In fact, just this morning I received a text message from him saying, “My skewl is bettr becuz I pay more $$$,” complete with misspellings and lingo. (So much for that private school education.) So, I call on my public school brethren to support me, as I assume many of our readers may have attended (or are attending) a SUNY school.***

Besides, does anyone really like Canisius anyway? Even Ryan himself wore a Syracuse hat to the Canisius/Cuse game in the arena last season. How could you root for someone with such poor school spirit? Despicable.

So, who’s it gonna be? Ryan and the lowly Griffs, or yours truly and the not-quite-as-lowly Danes?

The decision is up to you.
Voice your choice in the comments.

*** Entire paragraph may be fabricated.


  1. Chris

    Buffalo over Youngstown State

  2. Ryan

    Mythical creatures rock.

  3. Amy

    I think the good Jesuits would probably revoke my diploma if I didn’t root for Canisius.

  4. Anonymous

    yey privit skools.

    yey griffz.

    yey cuse.

    i’m betr.


    …have I mentioned that I have had about…4 classes with Paul?

    anyway, reppin the boyfriend’s school…just like he would obviously do for me…

    Go Griffs.

  5. Jon


    Has he given up on his toaster throwing ways?

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve actually tried to keep that on the DL Jon…jeeze

    you’re just jealous.

  7. Jon


    All Jesuits love Great Danes. It’s in the bible or something.