Avian @ Swoopy Buffalo Thingy Preview

by Ryan

What’s up with the 6pm starts? Is someone missing their bedtime or something?

The last time we played the Pens it looked something like this:

Sometimes I still can’t believe that actually happened.

This is our third meeting with the Penguins, and after every game someone has left with a crippling injury. The first time around Tim Connolly broke Gary Roberts, an impossible feat I still can’t understand.

After the Winter Classic, two Sabres went down at the hands of Ty Conklin. (Does anyone else miss him as a backup?) Maxim Afinogenov was Conkblocked so badly he hasn’t played since, and Tim Connolly just recently returned from his shootout attempt.

Hopefully the goofy start time counteracts the bloodthirsty rage these teams obviously have for each other.

To say this game is huge would be easy because every game over the past two weeks has been huge. In fact, every game over the next two months will be huge, and only when the playoffs start will I stop using the term. Then the games become absolutely massive.

Let’s call it an important rebound game, as well as two points needed to put us back in the playoff picture. Everyone says the Pens will be awful without Sid the Kid, but those people haven’t been watching hockey recently. Malkin is the real deal, and it’s almost unfair the amount of talent they have. As a frequent commenter put it, “why do they get two?”

Out of synch was the buzz word yesterday, but I doubt it will be tonight. This team will be ready.

Hopefully HSBC will be pumped tonight, the crowds seem to get better as the stretch run continues. Hopefully.