Another Kind of Green

by Ryan

Sometimes I feel like I’m turning this blog into one big ad for

Still, when you see the following merch you will understand why I bring them up once again.

Holy crap, is that an angry leprechaun on a Sabres hoodie? That’s freaking awesome.

Oh man. Ohmanohmanohman. Is that a plaid Sabres hat? I… I didn’t think I could get one of those unless I started rocking 5950s from New Era. And the little green hat on top of the “B”? Classic.

I have to give props to the NHL on this one. Last year their St. Patrick’s Day gear consisted of turning everything green and putting logos on them. This year they made something worth buying, even if I have to explain to everyone why I suddenly wear so much green.


  1. Maal

    I must have that hoodie. MUST. Does it come in t-shirt?! OH GOD WANT!!!!

  2. Ryan

    It does come in a t-shirt. I’m sure you’d prefer an Atl version, but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that likes them…