A View From the Lonely End of the Rink

What a view.

People always seem to hate the nosebleeds, but the top row in the corner of the building was just fine tonight. Far enough away from the section of Leafs fans screaming a chant I never understood, and right by the restrooms and concessions. I even got to stand up for most of the game, and no “Be My Valentine Pominville LOLZ!” signs in sight. What’s not to love about a seat like that?

The Sabres played a tough road game at home, and I’m okay with that. All game I was waiting for that other shoe to drop and for Miller to let a softie in, but it just didn’t happen. What a game for players like Mike Ryan and Pratt, who has suddenly crept up onto the second PK pair. What a value he’s been over the past few games.

Then we get to Goose.

What a pass from Straw Paille, who was forechecking out of his mind tonight. He really deserved that star, even though it was kind of crazy not to give Goose a spot with the game winner.

Still, you cannot say enough about Miller, who has stepped up in every aspect of the game. Leadership, play, responsibility with the media, everything has been working for him over this run. Even the few times he has let a big goal go by (see “Kessel, Shootout”) he takes full blame for his play and demands better of his teammates as well. I made the joke that TBO’s numbers were “garbage but I hope they don’t change” at 2-4-2, but now I really don’t want to give him the chance to make those better.

What the heck are we going to do with two days off?

Oh, and that hat I was so high on must be fitted for leprechauns and toddlers, because that thing didn’t fit my giant head. The good news is that I found a sick shirt that was actually a few bucks cheaper.

Oh, and some Leafs fan had a jersey on that will change your life. More on that tomorrow.

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  1. Maal

    OhmuhGUH. Where did you get that shirt? Does it come in Thrashers?! WANT!!! MUST HAVE!!!!