A Memory for the Ages

FACT OF THE DAY: February 18, 1997 — The Buffalo Bills made a trade to upgrade the depth at QB by trading their third-round pick in the draft to the Oakland Raiders for Billy Joe Hobert.

Thank you, Buffalo Bills automated email, for making me want to punch someone in the face.

Does anyone else remember Billy Joe Hobart? Here, let’s let Wikipedia tell the tale:

Oh wait, he was so insignificant he doesn’t have a Wikipedia. Here, let’s just use this for our factoid:

Buffalo’s chances dropped after quarterback Todd Collins left with a strained left rotator cuff on its second possession when he was sacked by Tedy Bruschi. There was no indication of how long he would be sidelined, and Levy said the shoulder wasn’t fractured or separated. Billy Joe Hobert took over, and the Patriots took advantage. On Hobert’s first play, he threw an interception to Willie Clay. He returned it to the Buffalo 20-yard line, but the Patriots couldn’t get past the 3 and Vinatieri kicked a 20-yard field goal for the 10-0 lead. Hobert threw another interception on the second play of the second quarter that led to Vinatieri’s 23-yarder. Buffalo punted on its next series and Vinatieri hit a 41-yarder for a 16-0 lead at halftime. The Bills kept the Patriots from scoring a touchdown again on the first possession of the second half, but Vinatieri came through again, from 52 yards.

With Collins hurt and the early deficit keeping the Bills from relying on the running of Antowain Smith and Thurman Thomas, the Patriots defense concentrated on the pass. Hobert moved the Bills well late in the third quarter. He completed four of five passes, going from the New England 49 to the 16, where the drive stalled. Steve Christie’s 34-yard field goal attempt then sailed wide to the left.

Amazingly, Hobert after the game admitted that he didn’t study the play book citing that he didn’t expect to see action in the game as a backup. The Bills waived Hobert a couple of days later.

Yeah, that’s just the kind of thing I want to remember.

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