A Look Back

by Ryan

To be completely honest, I started this post almost two months ago. I was looking through things this morning and found that I never finished it. Being that this is the first Sunday without football (you know, if you consider the Pro Bowl “football”) I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the season that was.
Here we go:

Buffalo Bills Record: 7-9

Points per game: 15.8 (ranked 30th)

Yards allowed per game: 362.9 (ranked 31st)

Bills players on Injured Reserve: 17

Crushing, absolutely soul sucking home losses: 2 (Dallas and Denver)

Players thrown under the bus: 1

Blank stares: countless

Derek Schouman transactions: 5

People who can actually picture Derek Schouman: 0

Games played at Skydome: 0

Ridiculous photoshops of Kevin Everett: 1

Photoshops not in bad taste due to medical miracles: see above

Reasons for hope: 2

Tag of the year: “We got Dick for Less…”

Favorite joke no one got: