A Bit Under the Weather

You don’t look so good, buddy. May want to lie down for a bit.

What’s that? You outshot the Penguins 37-25 and lost 4-1?

Yeesh, no wonder you don’t look so good. Get well soon, buddy. Take a break ’till Wednesday.

In other news, Thomas Vanek just guaranteed a playoff spot. Iiiiiinteresting…

More on this tomorrow.


  1. Katebits

    Just when I didn’t think my heart could tolerate one more SECOND of Sabres hockey, Thomas Vanek said “Well, we’ll be in the top eight come playoff time, and that’s all that matters.”

    That really was iiiiiiiiinteresting.

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, I really hope sabres.com puts the video of that up.

    He’s been playing well recently, but saying that takes some guts, especially with the way the standings shake out every day.

    Thing is, when he says it I believe it.

  3. Chris

    vanek’s been talking big since last season. remember his “we’ll be here (in the eastern conference finals) again” interview last may?

  4. Katebits

    Thing is, when he says it I believe it.

    Me too! He would NOT have said that a few weeks ago. I feel like the team is going to live or die by Thomas Vanek’s confidence level. I’m glad he feels cocky.

  5. Heather B.

    I missed most of the game but I feel so much better knowing that Van guaranteed a playoff spot. I totally agree that that means he’s feeling confident in a way he wasn’t earlier in the season and I totally agree that he’s (along with Miller) the key. You go, Van.

  6. Anonymous

    What was up with Vanek wimping out when challenged to drop the gloves with Armstrong?

  7. Ryan


    That was Kaleta. It’s something I’ve noticed a lot of while he’s been up. Some people call it “playing within his means”, but from watching him in Rochester I know he can fight. I guess it’s working, but people are already calling him “turtle” in some parts.

  8. Anne

    2 Things:

    1. SabreBritney’s ballsy statements are fine by me. A lot of people are afraid to make big statements like that but what harm do they really do? Go ahead, guarantee things that are totally still feasible. The worst that can happen is he might regret saying it in a month or so.

    2. Kaleta needs to drop the gloves sometime or he’ll start to lose some of his edge. People don’t want to get checked hard, but I’m sure they want to get punched in the face even less. He needs to keep the fear that a knuckle sandwich is a strong possibility if you mess with him or he won’t be as effective on the ice.

  9. Meg

    He needs to keep the fear that a knuckle sandwich is a strong possibility if you mess with him or he won’t be as effective on the ice.

    I don’t think that fear really does or should exist. He’ll fight very occasionally but it’s really not a significant part of his game–he didn’t fight much in Rochester or in junior and he’d probably lose more fights than he’d win on the NHL level.

  10. Anonymous

    What exactly is the problem with Kaleta playing by the rules? The worst that can happen is that he gets a bad rep. Right now all he’s doing is frustrating people…which leads to retaliation penalties. If it comes down to it, the kid isn’t going to run. Pointless fighting is stupid. When he needs to, he will.