You’re Welcome

by Ryan

I’m a superstitious kat. Let’s put that as the warning on this post.

Now, losing streaks really affect the way I go through my life. Not just in what I may wear or my mood, but my entire being is affected by the box score from the night before.

So, while everyone around me worried about taxes and their future occupations, I had two things on my mind:

1) When is my jersey coming in?
2) What are Dan Paille’s numbers during the last ten games?

Sometime between the startling realization that my existence is based upon a trivial hobby and the beginning of last night’s game, I answered both of those questions.

Now, am I saying that I caused the 10-1 final score all on my own? Well… in a word: yes.

I’m the one that made Derek Roy strap on the RoboCop armor and net a hat trick, the one that forced Nolan Pratt to step up big time and make him nearly impossible to remove from the lineup, and certainly the one that told Drew Stafford to get it together and break out of his sophomore slump.

All me, baby.

So… maybe not, but you’re out of your mind if you think I’m not wearing that jersey tomorrow night.


  1. Kate

    Oh, please. It was ME!

  2. Sara and Anne

    I’m sorry, but it was totally my Sabres sweatshirt I ordered only hours before the 1st loss that arrived on Thursday, in time for me to wear it all day and during the game. I may never take this sweatshirt off.


  3. RJ

    Okay guys… new plan?