Will Leitch Revealed

The Spectrum, the University at Buffalo’s student newspaper did an interview with Deadpsin.com‘s Will Leitch.

I’ll probably start reading his new book, God Save the Fan, sometime next week and I’ll post a brief review here whenever I get around to finishing it.

Some highlights from the Q&A:

Leitch: I don’t think I’m this brilliant writer. I work hard, I turn my stuff in on time, I’m not a diva, and I think that makes a difference… Honestly, writers are flakes man… When I came to New York I was like ‘no matter what happens, I’m not going to have anyone outwork me.’ If I were like a banker, that might have been hard, but out here, writers are flakes, man.

On Bill Simmons:
WL: I think Simmons is a better writer then I am… I like Simmons, he gets hammered a lot by people on the Web and I think even the people that hammer him have to at a certain level owes him a debt. Frankly, I don’t think he likes that. I think he always feels like ‘look what I have launched.’ I don’t know if he’s a big blog guy… Up until recently he’s been writing three columns a week for like seven years. Inevitably, you’re going to repeat yourself. Inevitably, there are going to be times when you sound like a caricature of yourself… There aren’t many people who I read every single one of their columns, and Simmons is one of them…. He and I used to have a little bit more of a relationship than we do now…but I think the day the commenters all hopped on his site and all started leaving messages, after that I don’t think he liked talking to me anymore.

And of course, the 007 picture:

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  1. Heather B.

    Oh, I’m curious to know if “God Save the Fan” is good. Read fast so I can see what you think!