Tape Delayed Live Blog: Sens 1/10

by Ryan

Thibault in net. Good lord. The good news is the last time his passport was stamped he had a shutout. The bad news is the last time he started he got rocked, and he didn’t do much in relief against the Sens on Friday.

Cue up the tape delayed live blog, here we go.


Timmy’s out? Man I was really looking forward to watching Tim dangle. At least Paille is back. Good to see nothing major resulted from that Volchenkov hit.

I am really, really looking forward to seeing Kaleta out there against the Sens. Last time those two met was a line brawl. A spark is all I ask.

First Period

19:37 I think at some point, MacArthur playing against the Spezza/Heatley/Alfie line will kill us.

19:20 They had a quote from Lindy Ruff, with the stupidest picture ever of him next to it. Let’s hope MSG kills that graphic for next game, I thought he was going to sell me lawn furnature.

19:00 First good chance for Ottawa, TBO makes a decent stop. Good news early.

17:22 Trip on Kalinin. Thank God he came to play today. Is that Landon Donovan?

17:00 Let it be known that the Sens PP scares the bejesus out of me.

15:20 Pretty decent kill. Some good chances but cleared at least three times. Bullet dodged.

14:30 Great shift from the Kotalik/Vanek/Goose line. Great outlet pass to Vanek to start the play, and a heads up play by Ales to get two straight chances. Way to come back after a good PK.

13:25 Kaleta was out and juuuust missed a hit. The crowd is aware of his presence for sure.

12:10 Breakaway for Vanek. Decent shot on, had pressure coming. I’m okay with what I saw. I’m giving Vanek some time to grow, and I’ve seen some much better work overall these last few games. He will score on these chances eventually. Eventually.

11:00 I’m waiting for that weak TBO goal that reminds everyone why he’s a backup.

10:00 When you are in a losing streak, sometimes the little things are what can turn it around. Redden is forced to ice the puck just now because someone charged right after him and forced the dump on their side of center. Nothing came of the resulting faceoff, but you have to like the hustle shown.

9:30 Holy smokes TBO just made two huuuuuge saves, including one point blank Hasek-esque leg flail on US Soccer star Landon Donovan. Not bad at all.

8:00 Broken up breakaway pass to Alfie becomes a 3 on 2 the other way for the Hecht line. So far they have done the job on D. Hopefully I’m wrong.

5:45 Decent shift from Kaleta. Should have been looking for Gaustad’s pass in front, but he hasn’t taken himself out of position with his physical play. So far he’s been a great fit for the team.

4:40 GO SENS G…. eh… is that popcorn? Oh! Oh!

3:31 If I could have Anton Volchenkov on my team, I would trade at least the naming rights to my first child. Anton is a sick name.

3:15 GOOSE AND NEIL. GOOD VS EVIL. C’mon Goose… Gaustad got his sweater up, then pulled Neil’s over his head and went to town. Amazingly, Neil actually landed a punch while sightless. An unbiased viewer may give the fight to Neil, but he’s a f–king douchebag, so Goose takes it in my book.

2:54 Sparky MacArthur comes in swinging on Corvo, and he takes a tripping penalty.

0:54 Killed.

0:35 Campbell breaks a stick on the point, and Bucky Gleason’s asking price goes up another $30,000/year.

0:00 Harry Neale calls the first period “intelligent physically.” I think that’s how I want us to play all the time forever. Heck, I want the blog to be “intelligent physically.” Those are words to live by.

Intermission confirms that yes, Paul Gaustad is a beast. Consider that jersey purchase solid. And it don’t get no better than solid.

Second Period

19:36 Soupy makes a balls-tastic play on the pinch, and Landon Donovan volleys in the four incher during the resulting 2 on 1.


17:30 If the phrase “Peters takes a whack at it” ever results in a goal, we’re shutting down the blog.

17:00 Pat Kaleta is at least 300 times better than Andrew Peters. He finished his check on nailed Corvo, then came back on the forecheck when he got the return pass. Lance Bass mauls him like a bear, and suddenly the Sabres are on a power play. Kaleta did more that shift than Peters has done all year.

15:00 Are we sure this is a power play? Really? Why are we giving up odd man rushes, then?

13:50 Jason Spezza just gave my fantasy team the finger, then missed an easy tip in. Not sure how I feel about that.

13:31 I’m telling you, the Sens modeled their new logo after Daniel Alfredsson.

12:45 Campbell hits someone, Vanek underachieves. Either way, cha-ching!

11:40 The Sens are the kind of team you are going to describe to your grandkids when you tell stories about last year’s Sabres. Smooth passes, composed effort, such an easy offensive transition. If I didn’t hate them so much, they would be an absolute joy to watch. Their 3 on 2s are smoother than Tim Connolly’s forehead.

8:28 Shots are 11-9?!? Wow, this game hasn’t been boring at all. Probably because they aren’t the Devils.

8:01 Stafford grabs all up on Vermette in front, and he goes off for high sticking. His reservations for making “the leap” this year have officially been canceled.

6:20 Wow. TBO actually hasn’t been too bad. If he makes the stop on Landon’s free kick I would probably say he’s playing out of his skull.

5:38 Stafford decides he likes the ambiance of the penalty box, and he goes right back in. Doubt the seat had the chance to get cold again.

3:38 Drew is forced to end his conversation with the NHL official in the box. He now knows that Stafford enjoys rocking out, playing with orchestras, and melting faces. He proceeds to get high sticked by Schubert, and the Sabres once again have a chance to tie with a manpower advantage of hockey playing men on a power play.

2:52 I have simply come to accept that the Senators are a better hockey club. Good play in the defensive zone leads to a streaking Alfie coming in shorthanded. Defense melts away and an option is open in front. Alfie decides to shoot.


I was right about Clarke after all. He collided with Ales to give Alfie the open shot.

2:24 Goose misses another chance in front. C’mon, Paul.

1:00 Kaleta, Mair, and Vanek are on the ice at the same time. I don’t mind this at all.

Block block block.


Third Period

19:40 Vanek hits the post, but I’m just happy he shot in the slot. Progress, people, progress.


Sparky just lost his mind on that play. Takes a pass off his skate, moves in towards the net going to the backhand. The Sens D throws up all over itself, and Big Mac has an easy backhand past an out of position Gerber.


Kanata, we have a pulse.

16:38 Weak holding call on Toni puts the Sens back on the PP. The arm was there, but I’ve seen worse holding on Reuben Brown’s credit cards.

15:40 Goose gets interfered with at the blue line. No call, but it’s a breakaway if Whatzzhisname Mezzarros doesn’t stick out the leg. Lame.

14:38 Killed.

Just before the first commercial break we hear Jaro Spacek has back spasms. The alerts have been taken off the highway signs, but Anderj Sekera may be flagging down a ride on the 90 as we speak.

12:50 Spezza tries going coast to coast. Gets hung up on Lydman’s stick and acts like a sniper shot him. Power Play coming.

11:11 Somehow TBO stopped a layup goal for Alfie. Power Play over, but I’m just waiting for the dagger.

9:25 (Waiting)

8:30 Kaleta looked like Tim Connolly on a quick backhand in front. Nice pass from Paille. If Kaleta shows that kind of creativity on a consistent basis, I’m all for throwing Peters under the bus. I’ll make the photoshop right now if I have to.

7:50 Chris Neil missed his chance to deliver the dagger goal. Wide open net. What a putz.


Tallinder almost lost his lunch on the blueline, then somehow got it Goose. Nice pass to Paille who made a “nifty” shot to beat Gerber.

Goose gets jobbed in front as it goes in, and a high stick is called.

Well isn’t that just the bee’s knees.


6:30 Hecht just interfered with Kelly in the best way possible. Defiantly a penalty, but wow. Nice to see him be physical.

5:30 Vanek beasted his way past three Sens in the zone, but the save is made. Progress, people, progress.

5:05 Killed.

5:00 Vanek point blank goes wide. No comment.

3:50 TBO with a huge save on Fisher. Yikes. Hecht just misses Pommy for the far side tip.

3:08 For the record, this is one of the games Mike Ryan has decided he wants to skate.

Timeout Buffalo.

Kaleta gets the Caruba Collision. Huzzah!

2:25 Offsides. Thank God. Alfie/Heatley/Spezza goes off.

2:00 Oh man I thought that was in. TBO had five hole open, and somehow he got it closed up with a millisecond to go.

1:51 Glad to see Neil shows how much of a douchebag he is. Takes a flying leap at Campbell. If we didn’t need the points so bad, I would have no problem seeing Mair flip s–t and beat the tar out of him.

1:00 (waiting)

Alfie line out.


TBO save




Similar overtime records for both teams. Interesting, we both suck at the shootout.

4:46 Offsides. Clarke thought we turned that rule off in the game options?

4:10 Vanek paid the price to make a pass to no one in the zone. Took a big hit, but if we weren’t changing… oh… I have no idea what to think. Can we please win a game?

2:58 Strange 2 on 1 develops for Sens. Campbell never turns to skate backwards but somehow nothing happens.

2:00 Sabres D look exhausted.

1:30 TBO comes up big. We need to play in Canada more often.


I… I don’t think I want to go to a shootout.

Campbell misses a happy dance by three inches. Balls.

TBO makes the save with less than 10 to go.

0:06.9 Timeout Ottawa

Harry: Do you take your goalie out with 6.9 if you are Ottawa?
Rick: NO



Our Shooters for this evening:

Ottawa Buffalo
Alfie Kotalik
Vermette Stafford
Spezza Pomminville

Aflie: Post, TBO’s backside, out.

Ales: Wide

Vermette: Left pad

Stafford: Backhand save. Not high enough.

Spezza: Save. Straight shot. Ballsy.

Pommy: Save. Straight shot. Ew.


Fisher: Goal.



Vintage, baby.

Heatley: Lost it! Man that ice blows.

Clarke: Nah. Half of Vanek’s move, but you gotta roof that.

McAmmond: Goal

Hecht: Nothing.

You could feel it. It just wasn’t going in.

3-2 Final