Some "Holiday."

by Rich

So let me get this straight…this weekend featured all of the following:

  1. The Patriots won again, and the Packers lost at home. So much for that Super Bowl matchup. On the upside, the Pats have to take on the same team that pushed them to the brink in Week 17. Eli scares me to death, though.
  2. The Sabres celebrated their first victory since Christmas by losing to the Leafs. And then the Coyotes.
  3. The Bills lost fan-favorite grinder Anthony Hargrove to a substance-abuse suspension for the entire 2008 season, which more than likely ends his career (at least in Buffalo). I mean, there’s a certain amount of “character” issues that teams will ignore if you produce. For example: how is Leonard Little not in jail? But unfortunately, there I can’t imagine there’s much of a market for a fringy defensive end who comes with that type of baggage.
  4. Syracuse, featuring local guys Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris, dropped back-to-back Big East games. A double-digit home loss to Villanova is rough enough, but ‘Cuse’s last-second overtime loss to Georgetown today was brutal. Flynn had a shot to win it at the overtime buzzer, but his straight-on NBA three rattled out.
  5. Not to be outdone, my ‘Canes gave up 4 points in about 3 seconds to lose in overtime at N.C. State, dropping UM out of the AP and Coaches’ polls.

Oy. If that’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend, bring on the week already. On the upside, 23 days. Twenty-three days. I just hope that my mind is still intact by the time Dice-K’s and Mirabellis report.