Same old, same old

By Chris

Forget last night. Tonight, the Sabres showed that they couldn’t get the job done, which is what we’ve seen from them for most of the year.

They got down 3-0 early and fought to get back into the game. Late in the third period, down a goal, the defense pushed too hard, gave up an odd-man rush and gave up the put-away goal. Nothing new.

And it was against Toronto, arguably the worst team in the league, with their captain on the proverbial trading block and with fans calling for the heads of everyone in the front office. Thank God we beat Atlanta.

They just weren’t good enough tonight. They just haven’t been good enough all season. The flashes of greatness haven’t been greater than the mental lapses and metal posts.

There are just over 37 days until the trade deadline. At this pace, the Sabres should be major sellers, but does anyone else get the feeling that Darcy will play the “Wait till we’re completely healthy, then you’ll see what kind of team we really are” card? I know I can’t wait for that.