By Jon

Another day. Another game against a divisional opponent that the Sabres just played a week ago.

The Sens have had our number for the past few seasons, save the 05-06 playoffs. We’re starting our backup goalie and haven’t been scoring goals for the past seven games. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. A lack of faith? Maybe. But I hardly feel like I’m in the minority when I say that I don’t think T-Bo and the gang will pull this one out. Which leads me to my dilemma….

When 8:00 rolls around, should I divert my attention to my favorite hockey team, or my favorite television show, the always hilarious 30 Rock on NBC? I’m leaning towards the latter.

Can you blame me? With the writer’s strike in full effect, any fan of television has become well-versed in reruns, and tonights game is the NHL equivalent of a rerun. The same two teams that play each other eight times a year, with our neighbors up north being the superior team and regularly coming out on top. You could even say that our current seven game skid could be considered a “rerun”: inconsistent effort, a lack of goals, no wins.

I realize the last paragraph could make it seem like I am a front-runner. Ladies and gentlemen, that is not the case. I just appreciate good TV. And 30 Rock is good TV. Can you watch that clip without laughing out loud at least once? I can’t.

So it comes down to this: Watch the Sabres and inevitably become pissed off as the night progresses, or watch 30 Rock and laugh my arse off? Not a hard decision.

(Or maybe I should just be grateful that I have DVR and I’ll watch both, anyways)


  1. Heather B.

    I was hoping the link would lead me to that 30 Rock clip. Pure gold.

  2. Soup

    the whole show is pure gold. that scene is my absolute favorite