Players Worth Keeping

by Ryan

I’ve been browsing around for the past two hours hoping to find something worth posting.

I got nothing.

We could talk about any one of the 11 games being played tonight, but let’s just go with the “You’re Move, Darcy” angle and go over which players I wouldn’t want to see moved.

This won’t take long.

Goose- C’mon, you think I want this guy in another uniform?

Mair- Plays every night. Aside from the occasional bonehead penalty I have no complaints.

Stafford- Starting to feel it. If this kid gets some confidence back he could carry the team down the stretch.

Paille- I’m never calling him Fat Crosby again. The kid deserves his own nickname. Any suggestions?

That’s really it for me. Vanek’s contract is untradable at this point. Roy probably shouldn’t move, but I’m not in love with the guy. I love me some Timmy Connolly, but who knows if he will ever be healthy; and if we have to throw Max under the bus to get a spark, I’ll deal.

One thing I know, something better happen on Thursday.


  1. Heather B.

    Kate and I played this game via email last night! I’d add Jochen and while I’d be willing to part with Roy and Pommers, the price better be really damn good.

  2. RJ

    I completely forgot Hecht, I’d keep him for sure. I think I even got a picture of him ready and just forgot to put it up.

    As far as Roy and Pominville… I like Roy’s game for the most part, and his contract at the moment probably won’t move. I’ll be honest about Jason, I really don’t like him very much.

    It’s a bias against his style of play more than anything; I appreciate his output but wish he would be more physical and at least try finishing his checks.

    Another thing I worry about is his RFA deal. Next summer he could see a huge raise in pay just based on last year’s numbers. I’m not sure if he’s worth keeping if the numbers get into the $4 mill plus range. Then again, he could be a 40 goal scorer next year and be irreplacable. Who knows at this point…

  3. Chris

    Hecht is definitely a keeper right now. I’d add Roy and MacArthur to that list too, I think. Roy’s been playing very well with Stafford and MacArthur’s got too much upside.

    On the defensive side of things, at this point, I’d only really have trouble getting rid of Spacek and Pratt.

    I want to like Lydman and Tallinder but they’re just not the same pairing they were in 05-06. They’ve both gotten careless and very soft.

    And at Pominville’s price, I’d hang on to him. If he has a 40 goal season next year, at least maybe we can get something for him at the 2009 deadline (yeah right).

    I’d include Kaleta, but he’ll be going to Rochester soon anyways, most likely.