Picture of the Night

Say what you want about it’s legality, but after seeing Bryan Allen destroy Drew Stafford’s knee this picture makes me feel a bit better. Maybe Goose’s knee is in the wrong place at the time, but that face tells me Gregory Campbell’s cup just saved his life.

Also, those LED signs are freaking stupid. What company actually pays extra to get their crap lit up like that? Most times you can’t see it and will think, “What’s that blur say?” Just stupid.

One thing I do miss are the signs that blinked when the Sabres would score a goal at the Aud. Why we don’t have the HSBC tie sparkle after goals is beyond me. I’d take that over a slug spraying smoke any day.


  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Trico Wiper Blades? Was that the flashhing sign?

  2. Ryan

    I still don’t know, actually. I got a headache trying to figure it out in the first. I’ll try again tonight if they show highlights…