People of Atlanta, Lend Me Your Ears!

By Chris

On November 8 I saw a link on that advertised a way to get All-Star Game tickets. I said, “Hey, why not?” The link took me to the Thrashers website where I signed up to be “Thrashers Fan #29” and I got this e-mail:

That’s right, buy three, get one free PLUS the All-Star Game, which includes the Skills and the actual game. They even give you a chance to resell the tickets you can’t use. Essentially get the All-Star Game for free! But I waited. I had no intention of going, as I’m a poor college kid, I just wanted to see what it would take for the NHL to sell this game out.

On December 18 I received this e-mail.

Let’s focus on the term “very limited.”

According to Merriam-Webster (Do you believe that dictionaries were once actually books? What a world):
Main Entry:

\?ver-?, ?ve-r?\
special particular

Main Entry:


1 a: confined within limits

Basically, very limited would be a particular number of seats are available and there aren’t a helluva lot of seats there so get em fast.

So to my surprise (or maybe not, since it is Atlanta), I went on that site again twenty five minutes ago, just for kicks and found this:

If you clicked on the image so you can actually read it, then you’re reading that right. Just under two weeks away and you can still get six (SIX!!!!!!!) seats in a row. The game will sell out, I’m just surprised it’s taking this long.

Man them Atlantans sure love the hockey.

UPDATE 1/16: With final individual tickets released to the public today, THE GAME HAS SOLD OUT! HURRAY!

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  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    shit—I signed up to be notified when tickets become available and I’ve received 3 calls for All-Star tix and 2 for Thrashers season tickets.

    “What area code do you think you are calling?”