Look! He’s teething!

By Jon

It has been over a month since a Flyer has been suspended. I guess Derian Hatcher thought they were due.

According to Devils coach Brent Sutter, Hatcher thought it would be great for the NHL to go all Tyson on Travis Zajac, who received stitches on his middle finger. Alas, in my three minutes of searching I was not able to find a video, but you can be sure that one will surface in the next few days and we will post it here.

Said Sutter:

The angle that we have shows Trav pulling his hand away, and the glove is still in Hatcher’s mouth. It’s like a dog on a bone.

Sounds like they have some pretty good visual evidence. Colin Campbell has some work to do, in all likelihood.

Hatcher responded to the accusation like any sympathetic person would:

If he’s cut, good, but I didn’t bite him.

Well, maybe Colin will go easy on him for being so remorseful.

UPDATE: Link to a video of the incident. From the angles there, it’s hard to tell if he really bit him or not. We’re all just going to have to play the waiting game to see if a suspension is handed down or not.