Just Lose, Baby

by Ryan

When you look back on a season, a certain set of moments catch in your mind and become your storyline.

Last year’s playlist would consist of a long string of highlight reel goals, come from behind wins, and of course, the Chris Neil Incident.

This year?


I’m almost to the point where I accept that this team just does not have it.

Remember when Joe Thornton flipped out and no one was there to defend the Sabre he went after? How many times have you seen that this season? It just seems like there is no heart in this team, and that’s really, really depressing.

Take a look at what I wrote after that disastrous game against the Kings a month ago:

Maybe we belong here after all. This position of mediocrity we currently hold, maybe it is more than just a slow start. I still want to believe this team has more in the tank, but after watching them go out West and get punched in the mouth it’s hard to consider it anything but reality.

Has that sentiment changed at all since that night? Take out the “go out West” part and replace it with any of the bad games we’ve seen. Rangers, Thrashers, Leafs, Habs, any of those poor showings would lead to the same response.

This team is mediocre; getting outplayed, outhit, and flat out beaten. A few bad bounces can lead to a losing streak, but ten games winless, with the biggest regular season game in NHL history included in that streak, well… that’s consistency.

The Sabres haven’t won a game since before Christmas.

How were your holidays?