Extensive Thrashers @ Sabres Preview

by Ryan

After taking a look at the numbers last night, you would think I’m in a bad mood for tonight’s game.

Actually, I’m pretty excited.

I really dislike the Thrashers, and I’m curious to see how this team plays coming back home. The crowd should be an interesting gauge of things, if we come out bad we may be seeing some boo birds tonight. Hopefully the crowd gets up for the game, a little home atmosphere may be just what they need.

Seriously, the crowds have been awful for the majority of our home games. Pick it up, people…

Wait, that doesn’t sound too exciting. What about this:

Yeah, I’m pretty excited now.

I really have no idea what to say about tonight. The only person I’m afraid of on the Thrashers is Kovalchuck, but who knows what the boys will come up with.

However, if this streak goes to 11 I’m changing my background to this:

Ah, the glory days…