by Ryan

So I was searching around on the internets for some old school hockey screenshots for a “Beginner’s Guide to the Devils” post. It was pretty much an excuse to get upset about the neutral zone trap, but maybe have some cool graphics from NHL 95 or something.

Then I came across this.

That… is how I got this:

Check out that center ice logo. What about the tint of the Sabres’ uniforms? And yes, that’s Derek Roy taking that faceoff.

Let me explain.

The screenshot is taken off an emulated version of NHL 94. But, someone with far too much time on their hands created a version of the game with the current logos, rosters, and uniforms of all 30 teams in the league.

This is the kind of discovery that may change your life forever.

First of all, whoever made up that ROM is a saint. That must take forever just to get the rosters right, let alone mess with jersey pallets and the like. He/she may have ruined my life by giving this to me to play, but you are on another level when it comes to dedication.

The good news is that I’ll be able to get any screenshot I want with this now. The bad news is that I still haven’t beat the Devils, which probably doesn’t bode well for tonight.

In lieu of an actual game preview, I’d recommend playing NHL 94 08 for a bit. If you need directions on downloading it, leave a question in the comments.

Goose misses another chance in front.


  1. Anonymous

    where can i play that game

  2. RJ

    You can get the ROM here:

    The emulators can be downloaded here:

    Bottom right. I went with a Genesis version.