By the Numbers

by Rich and Ryan

When times are as tough as they have been this past month, you have to dig deep to find out what’s really going on around here. So, here’s a look at the Sabres’ numbers over the current winless streak, as well as how that stacks up to the first 34 games prior:


Last 10
Goals for: 16 (1.6 pg)
Goals against: 26 (2.6 pg)
Powerplay: 2/33 (6%)
PK: 28/31 (90.3%)
Shots F/A: 295(Buf)-281(Opp)

Goals for: 109 (3.2 PG)
Goals against: 62 (1.82 PG)
Powerplay: 31/159 (19.5%)

Goals for: -1.6 pg
Goals against: +.78 pg
Powerplay: -13.5%

Right off the bat that doesn’t look too pretty. That powerplay number is atrocious based on the logic that it should be easier to score goals when your opponent has less players on the ice. With both goals for and against moving in the wrong direction, it’s no wonder we are losing those close games. That extra goal here and there is the difference between a 6-4 and 0-5-5 record in your last ten.


The seven players below have their stats listed from the last ten games:

Paille 3G, 3A, 6P, +5, 9sog

Pominville 2G, 4A, 6P, -3, 31sog

Campbell 2G, 4A, 6P, -4, 17sog

Hecht 2G, 2G, 4P, -5, 33sog

Kotalik 2G, 2A, 4P, -1, 26sog

Gaustad 0G, 3A, 3P, +1, 13sog

Vanek 1G, 2A, 3P, -8, 30sog

And here’s Clarke MacArthur’s stats in the 7 of 10 he was available:

MacArthur 2G, 2A, 4P, -1, 9sog

And Connolly, Roy, and Spacek’s stats:

(in 7 games) Connolly 0G, 4A, 4P, -5, 23sog

(in 8 games) Spacek 0G, 1A, 1P, -3, 15sog

(in 7 games) Roy 0G, 1A, 1P, -4, 13sog

Other than MacArthur, those are the top ten in scoring on the team. Those numbers tell the story of this losing streak.

Just look at Vanek’s numbers: three shots a game on average, three points to show for it and 11 goals scored against.

Dan Paille is having the best go of this slump, with 6 points and a +5 despite the -15 goal differential overall. He leads the team with a +10 on the year, and his play along with Gaustad and Mair has been the most consistent on the team.

Connolly, Roy, and Spacek have all battled injuries during that stretch, but none of them were having great runs to begin with.

Faceoffs (Season)

Won Lost Percent
Gaustad 350 307 53.27%
Roy 357 322 52.58%

Goose gets a lot of credit for his work in the faceoff dot, but it’s interesting to see Roy sport similar numbers, even taking more draws in four less games so far. You have to wonder how Roy’s absence has affected our consistency in the circle.

There’s not much else to say once you look at the numbers. This team needs to start scoring goals, start playing better defense, and get healthy. Not that you needed numbers to know that, but it’s good to get a visual every once in a while. A 6% conversion rate on your powerplay is more then just injuries; this team needs a confidence boost, and it better get it soon.