All Through the Town…

by Ryan

Jon had a nice summary of most of my thoughts on J.P. Losman’s glorified press release from Friday, but I thought I’d elaborate a bit. After all, it is Sunday, and Sunday afternoon is football afternoon.

Since Jim Kelly has retired, there has been a veritable quarterbacking carousel in Buffalo. Each one of these quarterbacks has had a defining moment in my mind. For Todd Collins it is the mini-helmet I wasted when I let him sign it. (Seriously, those are like 25 bucks these days…)

For Rob Johnson it will be the picture of him poolside in Sports Illustrated, miles away from the cold and rushing linebackers.

Doug Flutie will probably be that ridiculous 10-10-220 commercial with his brother throwing footballs across North America.

Drew Bledsoe gets a phrase: “I’m so maaad” After the Steelers game where he literally dropped the ball and killed our playoff hopes, our starting quarterback acted like a seven year old who loses his favorite kickball.

Kelly Holcomb didn’t happen.

For J.P Losman, my current image looks something like this:

I know Jon doesn’t agree with that, but you’d be hard pressed to tell me that J.P. got a consistent backing from the coaching staff in his four years in Buffalo. One year injured, one year of Drew, one year of Kelly, and this year with Trent, Losman never had the keys without a shaky hand keeping him in the driver’s seat.

That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with the decision to start Trent Edwards. J.P had his chance (late) this year to make a statement and simply didn’t. Jacksonville was his last shot for me, and he was just awful in the clutch. He lost the job himself, I will admit that, but my point is that how he was handled by ownership and coaching staff certainly didn’t help his confidence and at the very least his concentration.

We all will have to live with the results, and I think I’ll be okay with the move in five years. Still, I can’t help but wonder how all this is going to shake out. Here we are again, another quarterback left for dead while we rely on the budding talents of a young, warm weather quarterback.

Yeah, I’m sure it will work out just fine.

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  1. Heather B.

    RJ, I’m totally with you. I suppose J.P. had his chance this season, but he was totally screwed by an organization that never gave him a chance to develop. More often than not, you usually have to give a season to a young QB and they were never willing to do that even when it was crystal clear they weren’t going to be playing in the Super Bowl that particularly season. J.P. bugs me sometimes and I don’t know what his career will end up being but I hope he finds somewhere nice to land.