A View From the Roost: Sens 1/4

by Ryan

– Andrew Peters should be fined by the EPA for being a waste of oxygen. Yahoo says he had 28 seconds of ice time, and I wouldn’t doubt it. His fight was awful tonight, and I really do have to wonder why he is on this team. Paille gets rocked, we have a short bench, and Petey gets maybe three shifts?

– Speaking of Paille, wow. Let’s hope we don’t have another Timmy on our hands…

– I really don’t think Miller played terrible, but pulling him was probably for the best. It seemed to wake up the team for at least 15 seconds.

– Overall I was pretty pissed off about the game. This is one of the dozen frustrating games that we never have had control over but stay in for the majority of the time. All of them we should have/could have won, but it just doesn’t get finished. Last year this team was able to put in 28 minutes of real hockey and turn it on in time, but this year it just isn’t going to work. The fact of the matter is that they shouldn’t have to.

– I’m getting really tired of the effort put forth by this team. I’m tired of hearing stories about Tim Connolly macking on girls at bars, or Brian Campbell making a fool of himself at the Bucking Buffalo. I’m tired of lackadaisical play, sloppy passes and poor discipline. I want focus, leadership, and a sense of purpose.

It’s frustrating, and yes, we are still in playoff contention, but I can’t help but be unsatisfied with what I’ve seen. Win five games, then lose five. Crap the bed out West, then finish the trip with a blowout win. How many games were supposed to be the “turnaround game?” Overtime in Tampa Bay. Back to back against the Flyers. Every time we play the Sens. When is it going to come together?

I’m sick of there being no purpose to this team. I’m sick of floundering. This team better get it’s collective s–t together and start winning some games, or there won’t be much to play for come June.

– Goose needs to start burying those chances in front. He never seems to get a good shot off but is always on the doorstep.

– Sunday afternoon in Atlanta is the kind of game that this team needs to go out and get the job done in. In the blink of an eye we’ve lost 5 straight and are sitting in 10th place. Sure, we lose spots just by waking up in the morning, but Washington is just 4 points worse than us. Which team has been coming on of late?

More to come tomorrow.


  1. Becky

    My sentiments exactly…at least for now.

    I can’t help but wonder if rewarding or penalizing players with ice time doesn’t result in the players competing against each other, rather than in unity against the opposing team. Bunch of Lone Rangers out there.

  2. Jonathan Grant Keller

    I agree Becky, leadership must be established line by line.

    Vanek needs a mentor.

  3. Heather B.

    Yeah, last night was garbage. I’m tired of hearing “We need to play for 60 minutes.” If you know you need to play for 60 minutes maybe you should, I don’t know, DO IT! Sixty minutes! It’s not that long! I know hockey is hard and all but it’s not! that! long!

  4. Dave

    Miller had never been pulled at home in his career untill last night…

    Samsonov is on re-entry, who knows we might give him a look… hes got some age and skill under his belt…