by Ryan

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To those of you that believe it, I present you with this.

That… thing… certainly looks to be quite similar to this.

That is a picture of the real Goose’s Roost, circa early last year. I know this because I am in that picture, and that’s my sign. The photo was taken by Buffalo News photographer Bill Whippet. Obviously Whippet is a fan of the Roost, and so are the Sabres. They liked us enough to include our sign in a photo gallery of Gaustad on the Sabres website.

The former of signs was hung in Section 309 on December 1st. So here’s my question: WTF, mate?

Now I know it seems childish, but this is kind of a big deal to us. It seems like a serious sports faux pas to have the same sign as someone, especially something as unique as that. (I mean, hey, we stole it first!)

It’s just a matter of principle, really. I guess there is a slight chance no one has ever seen the sign and came up with it on their own, but it would take a freaking genius to come up with gold like that, and how many of those are floating around out there? Besides, that has been up a dozen times in the last two years… that’s consistency my friends!

So the question remains, what do we do about this? My first thought was a street fight. Or maybe a break dance fight. However, we ran into problems with the fact that these vandals are anonymous and I doubt they will come out of the woodwork to get beat down. Cold, callous people like that tend to avoid justice.

Our second problem came with the discovery that the sign was indeed in the wrong section. Section 309 is not the Goose’s Roost, Section 304 is. Now while that means we’ve narrowed the crime down to a single section, we just don’t feel like doing all that walking. Yeah, going over there and finding the perps would be sweet, sweet revenge, but that would constitute moving. Exercise is NOT a part of gamedays, unless you count that sprint to the bathroom during the 90 second commercial breaks.

I guess this means that unless those wretched excuses for hockey fans come forward wrapped with guilt, we will never know who put that sign up. The minor victory found in this is that they left the sign up, which means it is sure to be taken down and never seen again.

Trust me, there’s no way you can mass produce that kind of shame.


  1. dave

    im …i cant even think of a word of how mad i am…

    what i wasnt i notified earlier…

    when you sent me the picture…
    you said oh its a new roost sign..

    so i was like oh they mustve redid it again..

    but i get on to find this out ryan!!!?

    this is a situation for you to wake me up at 4 in the morn before a final.

    the roost was originally my idea…but with ambition and drive from ryan, that dream became a reality…

    honestly i dont know what im going to do ryan…we might have to have a challenge…

  2. Jonathan Grant Keller

    I saw that shit too—WTF? At first I thought that was the shittiest sign upgrade in HSBC history.

    I can’t wait for the Roost sign showdown—I’m fighting in the Goose’s Roost corner! The Blue Roost that is.

  3. Kevin

    That shit is cold-blooded.

    You see the problem that signs bring now?

    (Fair point: if they’re taped to a wall I don’t care if they exist)

    ps – I hear “Peter’s Roost” is still available.

  4. Soup

    so is Bucky’s Roost. he calls so much attention to himself, he deserves a section