Well He Looks Concerned…

by Ryan

8-1 Final

Suck it, pretty boy.

Some other thoughts as I watch a tape delayed version of the shellacking.

– There is a guy named “Gleason” on the ‘Canes. No wonder I freaking hate them.

– Timmy had one shot tonight. It went in. Yes, it should have been stopped, but it went in. Keep shooting, Tim.

– That stretch where Vanek took two penalties in a row bothered me to no end. There was absolutely no point to that second slash; he got beat to the puck and took his anger out quite loudly on Staal. That booing you heard when the penalty was called was not for the ref, but for Vanek’s stupidity. (But holy crap that snapshot on the break was sick)

– I hate seeing things like that from Vanek and Roy because at this point we have come to expect better of them. They are not mere prospects anymore, but the core of our hockey team. We have those assets lined up for the next 4+ years, and when a play like that happens you know we may see those stupid penalties for the next half-decade. It’s unsettling when Sekera or Sparky screws the pooch like that, but when the big check is already cashed it will drive you crazy.

– After Goose’s second assist I got this text message from Rich: “Sick cross from Goose! The boy is dropping nasty dimes tonight.” Indeed.

– It was good to see Max get the “piano” off his back. It was a full month since his last goal. I wish I could say this will change things for him, but things were supposed to change after that OT winner in Game Five… right?

– Worst leg lift of all time on Stafford’s penalty shot.

– Nolan Pratt has an intensity that this team will need down the stretch if we are ever going to make some noise. You have to wonder what happens to him if/when Teppo comes back, but in the mean time I have enjoyed his game recently.

– Carolina was a tired team, but there is no excuse for playing like that. We didn’t exactly run them over, but it sure ended up looking like it.

Big West Coast trip starting on Wednesday. Hopefully the time zones don’t mess with us too much, and we can keep scoring some goals.