Um……. what?!

By Jon

Lee Evans needs to be drug tested immediately. I’m not sure you can make statements like this and be sober.

The highlight for me:

First off my support of J.P. was simply because knowing the potential of what our offense was, with him in there. We’ve been there, we’ve done it and I supported that. It had nothing to do with Trent as a person, as a player it just was J.P. had a track record of being effective in this offense and leading this offense to wins so that is what I was supporting.

Wait a second….. when exactly did J.P. show that he was a competent quarterback in this offense? I don’t remember this. Was it when he was throwing a pick when we were driving to tie the game against Jacksonville? Or maybe it was when he led us to victory against the Dolphins? You know, when he completed twelve passes for an astounding 157 yards with an interception? What a track record!

J.P. has played well in one game– against the hapless Cincinnati defense. Sorry Lee, I know Jonathan Paul is one of your best buds, but he isn’t suited to play quarterback on this team.