Stormy, Soupy, and Sparky- Saturday Storybook

by Ryan

The Hurricanes have six players with a higher point total then our leading scorer.

June 1st, 2006.

Their fans are… for the most part awful excuses for human beings.

But what I hate the most about the Caroline Hurricanes is their mascot, Stormy the Pig.

Look at that. I wasn’t aware a stuffed animal could be classified as a “douchebag” until that thing came to fruition.

I have a serious problem with mascots that make no sense. Stormy fits into this category. I’m not saying we have the best of mascots in Buffalo (Why is Billy Buffalo purple?!?), but at the very least the species of mascot somehow fits the team moniker.

Sabretooth- Sabres. Billy Buffalo- Bills.

Stormy the Pig- Hurricanes?

I get the first name, that’s quite witty; but what does a hurricane have to do with pigs? Is there a large number swine farms displaced by tropical storms that I’m not aware of?

I think this pretty much sums things up. It may be petty, but when you hate a team, you hate every aspect of that team, including the moron that’s made of 20% foam padding.


According to the Sabres “blog“, Brian Campbell is the captain for December. I know that makes a certain Jon quite happy, but I of course am crushed. However, this still leaves the door open for a Winter Classic Gaustad jersey. Maybe this is for the best…


Also from the website…

Adam Mair will be playing tonight, something I am very excited about. I really like Mair’s game, and he isn’t the most productive offensive player we have, but the lineup has a more balanced look when he’s in it. Adam had a very philosophical take on his return:

“This is pretty much when I’ve been ready to play,” said Mair. “I don’t think I could have played before this.

Uh… thanks Adam.

This means Sparky MacArthur is getting shipped down the 90. It was fun while it lasted, but I’d much rather have a healthy lineup, even if it means seeing him go. To be honest, he wasn’t playing as well in recent games, and a more experienced lineup will help take care of those youthful mistakes Lindy was talking about.

Hurricanes at Sabres. 7 PM.

Be careful with Erik Cole, boys. He’s Fra-gi-le.


  1. WufPirate

    Hurricanes fans…awful human beings

    Trust me, the feeling is mutual!

    NC is either #1 or #2 in hog farms & pork sales(Stormy the Pig). Kind of hard to make a Hurricane mascot, I suppose.

  2. Rich

    Well, the real Hurricanes use an ibis. It’s ostensibly the last bird to take shelter before a storm and the first one to come out afterwards.

  3. The Acid Queen

    Their fans are… for the most part awful excuses for human beings.

    Really? Is that why so many Sabres fans got arrested for vandalism, drunk and disorderly, and assault during the ’06 ECF?

    Wow, never would have known if you hadn’t pointed that out there Einstein.

  4. Ryan

    Acid Queen,

    The highlighted section was pretty blatant sarcasm, but I guess that didn’t register. I was there for Game 5 in ’06 and while I saw some things from Sabres fans I wish I hadn’t I took my fair share of bad treatment. Still, I haven’t come away scarred and don’t regularly comment on how much I hate your fans. It was a throwaway comment and really all I wanted to do was make fun of your mascot.

    Either way, thank you for the compliment and thanks for visiting. I’ve seen your comments on other sites claiming how terrible Sabres fans are. I’m sorry a handful of people are your benchmark for despicable fandom, but your opinion is nothing I myself can change.

    Also, Pensblog Charlie says hello