Sparky’s Back!

The Sabres come off a tough loss against Ottawa with a matchup against New Jersey. This is the first time we will see the Atlantic Trappers this season, and they will be our last opponents before the Penguins marathon that comes with the Winter Classic.

I’ll be honest and tell you I completely looked beyond this game. I’ve been following the Pens pretty closely over the past few days, and Jersey just doesn’t interest me. They are leading their division, however, so I’m sure they are as good as usual.

That spells a tough, shutdown style of game, and one that those focused on the aesthetic beauty of the game may want to avoid.

Sparky MacArthur should be back in the lineup now that Drew Stafford is concussed. Hopefully Drew will get better, but it will be interesting to see how Clarke plays on his latest trip up the 90.