Schitzo Sabres

by Ryan


Notice the scream of terror from the elderly version of me.



Okay, this team is seriously schizophrenic. Not only was there an actual effort put forth in San Jose, but the Sharks looked like they wanted no part in any hockey game going on in HP Pavilion.

Some other thoughts on a 7-1 final.

– It was great to see Goose get a few goals in front of his mother. Kevin Sylvester had no business out on the Left Coast for this trip, but it was pretty sweet to see Gaustad’s mom interviewed and get all mushy about Goose. A few weeks ago I found this article about Goose and his family from his days before he was a Sabre. I have no problem admitting that Paul Gaustad and his family is downright adorable. Black Tiger Mochas all around.

– Rick was sick tonight, right? I know all of that rhymed, but you can’t tell me he was 100% on the broadcast. His voice never raised an octave on anything, and the usual crescendo a scoring chance brings was non-existent. Get well soon, buddy.

– Special teams was huge tonight, and some great forechecking really did the job. That Roy goal never happens unless Campbell stretches out at the blue line to poke the puck away. Two days ago that’s a 2 on 1 the other way. Tonight it was the exact opposite.

– I thought Max looked a bit better tonight. He had an assist on the second Gaustad goal, but overall he seemed to be playing with more purpose out there. He still did all the skating he usually did, but he set up some nice passes out of all that work, which is more than we usually get out of him. Hopefully this means his game is on the mend.

– There’s not really much else to say about the game, other then the fact that for the first time they showed up out West. Only time will tell if this is another aberration or this team is finally getting it together.

I still can’t come away from a 1-2 road trip very satisfied, but thank God this team hasn’t given up just yet.