Quest for .500

by Ryan

On Thursday night the Sabres were supposed to get a solid road win at the Staples Center against the Kings.

I don’t think they ever got there.

Whoever ended up wearing those Slugtastic Edge jerseys got lit up by Dustin Brown (!?!) and the boys in purple. What a night.

I think the best thing for everyone involved to do is move on. So, we take a look at our next opponent on the “Are We There Yet?” West Coast swing: the San Jose Sharks.

The Sharks are on a four game winning streak, and the last time we played them they destroyed us 5-0 at home. Man, that’s a heck of a sentence, huh?

San Jose has been good the last few years and this year is no exception. Thornton is a beast and has always been good against us, and he has 34 points to date. I’m pretty sure that’s more then our 2nd line has combined.

Once again I haven’t seen many Sharks games this year, so I can’t offer much insight to how this game will turn out on their end. The only thing I know is the Sabres better put forth an actual effort tonight if they want a prayer of winning.

Also, the new Sharks logo is sick, but their uniforms look downright cartoonish. That splash of orange reminds me of the pixelated versions of jerseys in NHL 95.

Oh, and the poll question on
What sounds better to you for Devin Setoguchi’s nickname?
*The Gooch

Not only does that question sound like a Japanese RPG wrote it, but those are the worst choices ever. Based on those three I’d have to say “The Gooch” should be the clear cut winner (it’s not). However, something like “Gooch Monster” or “Sea-goo” should be a throwaway option at the very least.

Then again, this is the team that calls Marc-Edouard Vlasic “Pickles.” Can’t stray too far from the point on them…

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  1. Jay

    Gotta love the Goose tonight! Great win.