Penny for Your Thoughts?

by Ryan

The Dolphins scare no one in Buffalo. Pick their starting quarterback out of the jumble of words below:


See? It’s harder than you thought, isn’t it?

The point is that if the Bills lose tomorrow they have no business in the playoffs, and it’s probably for the best. That said, they better freaking win tomorrow.

The run game will be key on both sides, and hopefully we will see this come 1PM tomorrow:

In case you can’t tell, that’s Marshawn Lynch coming out of the inflatable Buffalo. (My seats weren’t exactly 50 yard line that game…)

If Money is in, we may have a fun go of it. If not, look for Fred Jackson to see a lot of carries and Trent going 20+ downfield a few times more then once with the game on the line.

A special thanks goes out to Frey Electric, who made the majority of us viewing the game possible. (Ralph, I wanted to go today really bad, but things just got in the way. My bad, man.)

On an completely fantastic note, tomorrow may be the last time I ever watch a football game in SD, as I have a brand spanking new HDTV on the way from Best Buy. The console television that has endured so many years of abuse will get a proper ulugy in this space sometime this week. Until then…

Dolphins @ Bills.
1 PM.

The quest for perfection continues.


  1. JG

    I can’t wait to see Money…. over/under 20 points today? I am still taking the under (they’ve only done it twice this year.)

  2. Soup

    I’ve got a good feeling about this one, I’ll take the over.

  3. Soup

    Also, if you are getting an hdtv, is it safe to say that all future Tully’s adventures will be replaced with trips to Ryan’s house?

  4. Jay

    Sweet first half so far.

    I just got a new HDTV yesterday (Vizio 37 inch from Circuit City) – no HD feed til tomorrow though.

  5. Soup

    Man, I am so far behind the times. I watched from the comfort of my room on a 13-inch TV.

    Pretty sweet game today, always nice to beat the Fins (even though the rivalry is all but dead)